California Dreamin' - dpHUE House ACV Experience

A couple of months back I took a much needed girls vacation to California with my good friend Roxanne West. While we were there we had an amazing opportunity to visit the private invite-only salon dpHUE House in LA. Tucked away in the hills sits this incredible salon filled with some of the most talented and lovely stylist - some of their A-list celebs include Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow. Its not a salon in the traditional sense, its actually in a mid-century modern-styled home perched atop the cliffs overlooking West Hollywood. From the moment you walk in and are greeted with Justin Anderson's warm smile and embrace to the photo shoot on their stunning patio, you can feel the passion and hard work that is put into the dpHUE brand.



I was treated to a luxury blowout for my tired, dried out mermaid hair! I got the WHOLE ACV experience and completely fell in-love with the products. I've since given up shampoo + conditioner in our home and only use the dpHUE ACV line (even for the kiddos!) My hair has never been healthier, shinier or more manageable, i also love that its chemical free.

The before:

Fresh out of an overnight braid and in desperate need of help!


The After: Styled by the HUE Crew!


It was such a fun day spending time catching up with a good friend and getting pampered by such a great group of people! If you haven't already check out the dpHUE products I encourage you to give them a try. Hands down my favorite hair products yet - and with this much hair, its safe to say i know my way around hair products! :)

The Products

These two products replace your traditional shampoo + conditioner routine. I use the ACV rinse every time i was my hair 1-2 times per week, and the ACV mask i use every other time i wash my hair for a deep conditioning.

Find them here + here



The ACV Leave-in Treatment:

We use this EVERY SINGLE day in our house - From my LONG wild hair to Montgomery's beautiful golden locks, this leave-in treatment has been the holy grail of hair care products for us. It also smells amazing (with a hint of apple cider vinegar)

The ACV Scalp Scrub:

this is the KEY to long, shiny healthy hair! not to mention it feels live heaven scrubbing at your scalp. im always 1000% jealous of my boys when im massaging their tiny little heads with the ACV scalp scrub - i mean, no one does that for me!



Ps. You should also go give Justin Anderson a follow on instagram - his shower singing series is SO funny! The Whole dpHUE crew were amazing and so much fun to hang out with!!



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