Conscious Beach Bum

Every buying decision you make has the power to change the world - a little. How will you start wielding that power for good?

We live and breathe Georgian Bay - its a way of life for us. From my husband working in the marine industry to our children's love for the water and the many landscapes that Georgian Bay affords its dwellers. We make a huge effort to protect our little oasis - starting small and showing our children the impact we can have on our own surrounds will trickle into the bigger picture later in their lives. I hope to inspire you to be more aware with your daily purchases - and maybe show you a few new tricks/ tips along the way!

Below you will find some of our favorite beach products - ENJOY!

Sand toys: Love Lotte

Let me just get this out of the way, BIODEGRADABLE sand toys! Wait, what?!? Sand toys that will not harm our earth. YES - these babies are made from cornstarch and are 100% biodegradable and will break down into harmless organic matter within approximately 12 months

How often do you find scattered sand toys left at the beach - or how often are you that person leaving toys behind? i know we do it ALL THE TIME. To me this was a  no-brainer choice, a simple affordable change that has a very large impact on our world. 

Bathers : Zulu + Zephyr

Beyond the fact that everything that comes out of Z+Z is stunning, the ethos of this brand is inspiring and the reason i choose to stock curated pieces from their seasonal collections. Made from high quality and ethical fibers they are committed to having a positive impact on the environment and global community. They believe in socially responsible manufacturing and transparency

My boys and i live in Z+Z in the summers. A pair of boyfriend jeans thrown over a swimsuit and the groms and i are ready to hit the beach. My current favorites are the Distant bikini and the Bay one-piece with the Zed Boyfriend jean shorts.

Wear : Rompers!

Specifically linen rompers! Linen dries quickly, is naturally stain resistant and most importantly will keep you cool in the hot summer sun. I've been reaching for my Sam + Lavi Helen romper for beach trips and on the boat. I just got the new Zulu + Zephyr Sandcastles romper and its in heavy rotation now too! You can find them in the shop now! and use code SUMMER30 for 30% off your order!

Protect your skin!

From sunscreen to hats to sun shelter - I've got you covered! The Gigi Pip wide brim sunhat - hand woven by women for women. This hat is GORGEOUS with adjustable inner bands for a snug fit to the wide brim to keep the sun off your face and shoulders - not to mention the endless compliments i get everytime i wear this beauty, its my FAV! 
The sunscreen of choice in our home is Sum Bum - not only does it smell amazing, its Hypoallergenic made with All Natural, Reef Friendly ingredients Paraben free, Cruelty free, Gluten Free, PABA free, Oybenzone Free, Octinoxate Free, Phthalate Free, & Petroleum Free -- must i go on?

Have you heard of Business & Pleasure? They are leading the way in beach canopies, tent, chairs coolers - name it really, they've got it all and its all gorgeous! We love the beach tent. its so simple to setup, provides ample shade and its UV protective! Yes, its a tad on the expensive side, but its a product that is going to last, its made from sustainable materials, and as i sell it to my husband (ha ha) its an investment in a lifestyle choice. I also use it A LOT in the summer so to me its totally paid for itself now :)


Plastic free and eco friendly storage containers are the way forward! We pack our snacks in stainless steel jars (or sometimes mason jars)or silicon sandwich sleeves from Anthro and store them in our business and pleasure canvas cooler - its made from the canvas cut offs from the beach tents! We also LOVE bamboo cutlery - i had bought a bulk box from amazon for one of the boys birthday parties and loved them, ive since invested in high quality longer lasting ones from anthropologie!

Step 1

educate your family m+ children on the importance and value of living a plastic free and conscious lifestyle.

Step 2

Budget and invest in high quality items that will last generations to come

Step 3

pass on your well loves items to others who can continue to enjoy them.

Dannielle Trottier 
Mom, wife, shop owner, naturalist, adventurer 

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